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Napa Valley's Premier High Definition Video Production Center
Since 1986

Over the years Hard Hat Video, a division of CAV Media Studios has been producing a wide range of construction and construction related videos, ranging from training to complete documentation of large over-water projects. We know how to operate in the construction environment, speak the language, and meet project needs without loss or injury to ourselves and others.

Suulutaaq, Inc.

Suulutaaq Inc., a division of the Kuskokwim Corporation, is based out of Alaska but operates nationally. The video, produced by CAV Media Studios, will be used to train new employees nationwide, wherever Suulutaaq has work and/or office facilities.

The video was produced in a modular fashion in order to be easily built upon and added to if and when regulations or procedures are modified.

CAV Media Studios has produced many safety videos for the construction industry of the course of its 27 years in business. We have worked with numerous construction companies throughout the years ,including some of the biggest names in the industry, on very high profile projects throughout the region. Projects have ranged from safety training to project documentation to corporate promotion and everything in between.

CAV Media stands ready to help you produce your own corporate safety and training videos when your need arises.


Ghilotti Bros.

The Ghilotti Construction Company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1989 and CAV Media was there to help them commemorate this achievement. Using historical company photos and archives we produced this piece which chronicled the origins and journey of the Ghilottie company. It also featured footage of then current projects. Emphasis was on not only the scale of growth but also the sense of family still enjoyed and what a great American success story this company is.



The Dutra Group

Dutra Group: Bridging The Gap - CAV Media Studios of Napa Valley, under the direction of Robert Burton, was awarded special honors and recognition from the Association of General Contractors for the excellent video coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake bay bridge re-construction. CAV Media Video Studios was shooting on the upper deck of the incline section two hours after the Loma Prieta earthquake and stayed for 30 days and nights. We got the necessary shots right to the end of the job. This video was shot using BetacamSP cameras and edited during the days of on and off line editing.


Pacific Mechanical Corporation

PMC prodeuced their first marketing video with CAV Media Studios in 1992 and in 1995 they came back to update and create a new marketing video. They have an outstanding safety record and wanted to highlight this fact to potential clients. This second marketing video, Safety, Quality and Cost did just that. It showcases job sites in Oregon, Washington and California. Shot using BetacamSP cameras and editied on the then new digital software Media100, this video production achieved the look and impact needed to sell PMC's services to prospective clients.


A Look Back

More than 27 years ago CAV Media was producing leading edge video content for the construction industry. Here are just a few samples of early projects we produced to inform our clients of the latest tools and technology available to them at the time.




Hard Hat Video News

CAV Media produced these news breifs to inform our clients of new technologies and techniques we were adopting. We also used these as an opportunity to showcase various projects we had or would be working on for various clients so others would know of options available for their needs.


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4th Edition

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